7th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1994

The Efficient Use of Fertilizers in a Changing Environment:
Reconciling Productivity and Sustainability


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1994. [Title of paper]. In: The efficient use of fertilizers in a changing environment: Reconciling productivity with sustainability. (Eds L D Currie and P Loganathan). Occasional report No. 7. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Fertiliser: Tool for environmental management
Duncan, A A

A model for determining phosphate fertilizer requirements for pastures - Incorporating dynamics and economics
Metherell, A K

A dynamic model of phosphorus in pastoral agriculture and its ability to account for observed patterns of response in a series of rates x forms of phosphate fertiliser trials
Sinclair, A G and Johnstone, P D

Evaluation of the non-exchangeable potassium component of the computerized fertilizer advisory services procedure for determination of potassium requirements of pastures
Surapaneni, A, Kirkman, J H, Gregg, P E H, Tillman, R W and Roberts, A H C

Bioassay of non-citric soluble phosphate in single superphosphate
Rajan, S S S, Boyes, M K and Rajandram, G

Preparation of phosphate fertiliser by biological processing
Ghani, A and Rajan, S S S

Influence of soil moisture on the dissolution of reactive phosphate rocks
Weil, S, Gregg, P E H and Bolan, N S

Efficiency of plant use of nitrogen from atmospheric N2 and fertilizers: A review
Ledgard, S F

Efficient use of nutrients in the intensive pastoral farming industry in New Zealand
Ball, P R and Tillman, R W

Comparison of nutrient leaching losses from sheep and cattle pastures
Williams, P H and Haynes, R J

Leaching losses of nutrients from hill pastures grazed by sheep
Sakadevan, K, Hedley, M J and Mackay, A D

Nitrogen loss by denitrification from a pasture
Luo, J, Tillman, R W and Ball, P R

Factors affecting the fate of urinary nitrogen in Waikato peat and mineral soils
Clough, T J, Ledgard, S F, Cameron, K C and Sherlock, R R

Effects of temperature on the denitrification of urine-nitrogen in Waikato peat and mineral soils
Clough, T J, Sherlock, R R, Cameron, K C and Ledgard, S F

Nitrate in groundwater in the Waikato Region
Selvarajah, N, Maggs, G R, Crush, J R and Ledgard, S F

Material and nutrient balance and land management
Smiles, D E

Acid subsoil amelioration without disturbance
Sumner, M E

Variability in soil acidity in some New Zealand soils
Parfitt, R L, Percival, H J and van der Lee, G

Soil acidity map of New Zealand using GIS
Parfitt, R L, Percival, H J and McDonald, W S

Problems in the measurement of labile aluminium in soils
Percival, H J, Giddens, K M, Lee, R and Whitton, J S

Effect of long-term phosphate fertilizer application on aluminium speciation under pasture
Manoharen, V, Loganathan, P, Parfitt, R L and Tillman, R W

An assessment of the influence of phosphate fertilizer addition on the microbial activity of pasture soils
Bolan, NS and Currie, L D

Cadmium distribution in grazed hill pastures as influenced by 20 years of phosphate fertilizer application
Loganathan, P, Mackay, A D, Lee, J and Hedley, M J

Application of sewage sludge to low fertility forest soils: The fate of nitrogen and accumulation of heavy metals
McLaren, R G, Adams, J A and Cameron, K C

The fate of organic wastes injected into and applied to the surface of soil: Preliminary results
Rate, A W, Cameron, K C, Noonan, M J, Condron, L M, Enright, P D, Greenwood, P B, Kerr, L E, McLaren, R G, Moore, S, Scott, W R and Sherlock, R R

Cadmium cycling in sheep grazed hill country pastures
Longhurst, R D, Roberts, A H C, Bown, M W and Carlson, B

Effect of long-term application of phosphate fertilizers on cadmium uptake by pasture
Loganathan, P, Hedley, M J, Gregg, P E H and Currie, L D

Microbial biomass dynamics during 14C-glucose decomposition in heavy metal contaminated soils
Saggar, S and Bargett, R D

Movement of phosphate on a Wharekohe podzol
Edwards, J, Gre,, P E H, Mackay, A D and Richardson, M A

Potential of waste sludges as amendments for the reclamation of mined land
Limpus, J, Bolan, N S, Gregg, P E H and Clemens, J

The rapid semi-quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis of liquids, slurries and solids
Searle, P L, Hunt, J L and Furkert, R J

Efficient use of soil and fertilizer nutrients in New Zealand cropping systems
Haynes, R J

Sustainability of soil fertility and productivity in conventional and alternative mixed cropping farms in Canterbury, New Zealand: A comparison
Nguyen, M L, Haynes, R J and Goh, K M

Fertilizer and its role in the nitrate contamination of Pukekohe ground water
Cathcart, S N

Minimising nitrate leaching following the ploughing of temporary leguminous pastures: Time of cultivation and cover crop effects
Francis, G S, Haynes, R J and Williams, P H

Sustainability: Impacts of continuous grassland and cropping sequences on soil quality
Mapfumo, P, Ball, P R and Valentine, I

Which cations move with anions?
Magesan, G N, Scotter, D R, Clothier, B E and Tillman, R W

Nutrient release from soils amended with spent mushroom compost - An incubation study
Stewart, D P C, Cameron, K C and Cornforth, I S

The financial, physical and family life cycle impact of farm forestry on a sheep and beef cattle farm - A case study
Sherlock, R G and Parker, W J

Potential influence of conifers on organic matter and phosphorus cycling in grassland soils
Condron, L M, Casey, B P, Davis, M R, Newman, R J and Cornforth, I S

The influence of orchard floor management on soil fertility
Levick, M, Horne, D J, Palmer, A S and Macgregor, A N

Nitrogen use in two dryland farming systems
Wood, M, McNeill, A M, Pilbeam, C J, Swift, R S, Harris, H C and Mugane, P G

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