5th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1991

Soil and Plant Testing for Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1991. [Title of paper]. In: Soil and plant testing for nutrient deficiencies and toxicities.
(Eds R E White and L D Currie). Occasional report No. 5. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Some perspectives on the diagnosis and correction of mineral nutrient limitations to plant growth
Asher, C J

Herbage analysis - Can it work for you?

Craighead, M D

The inadequacy of using tissue phosphorus concentration as an indicator of efficiency of phosphorus use
Caradus, J R

Determination of plant available zinc in New Zealand soils
Chowdhury, A K, McLaren, R G and Swift, R S

Relationships between exchangeable K, Mg, Ca and soil solution K, Mg Ca
Parfitt, R L

Relationship between the MAF pasture development index of soil and extractable organic sulphur
Watkinson, J H, Perrott, K W and Thorrold, B S

An evaluation of a range of soil tests for extracting phosphorus from soils treated with soluble and insoluble P fertilizers
Saggar, S, Hedley, M J and White, R E

Gradients in manganese concentration in potato foliage and the diagnosis of manganese toxicity
Marsh, K B

The use of x-ray fluorescence for the analysis of biological samples
Winter, D S

Reduction of calcium interference in the measurement of sulphur by ICAP atomic emission spectrometry using the 182.03 nm line
Kear, M J and Sutton, M M

High performance ion chromatography measurement of sulphate in calcium phosphate extracts of soil
Watkinson, J H and Kear, M J

Mineralisation of soil organic sulphur during (a) air-drying at 35oC and (b) storage of fresh and air-dried samples at three temperatures
Kear, M J and Watkinson, J H

Temporal changes in various soil and plant sulphur analysis in relation to the development of pasture response to sulphur fertiliser
Ledgard, S F, Sprosen, M S, Brier, G J and Saunders, W M H

Seasonal variation of extractable P, extractable sulphate and mineralisable sulphur in a sabbatical fallowing trial
Searle, P L, Speir, T W, Kettles, H A and Mackay, A D

The effects of phosphorus supply and defoliation on the inter- and intra-specific root interactions of browntop and white clover
Pannell, C A, White, R E and Kemp, P D

Availability of phosphorus in New Zealand forest soils: A new approach with the Bray reagent
Skinner, M F, Lowe, A T, Nicholson, G M and Prince, J

A glasshouse assessment of the ability of Olen and Resin P extractions to predict the relative yield of ryegrass in soils fertilized with phosphate rocks
Saggar, S, Hedley, M J , White, R E, Perrott, K W and Cornforth, I S

Extractability of cadmium and lead added to soils: Effect of incubation conditions
Tan Ze, McLaren, R G and Swift, R S

Use of the N sap test to predict the N fertiliser response of wheat and barley crops
Kemp, P D and Brown, F J

Soil testing identifies the need for potassium fertilizer use with malting barley grown on Marton soils
Mowatt, C, Hedley, M J, Heywood, A B and Gregg, P E H

Plant potassium availability in Yellow-Grey Earth soils
Surapaneni, A, Gregg, P E H, Kerkman, J H, Roberts, A H C and Tillman, R W

Leaf nitrogen levels and fruit colour in Fuji apples
Volz, R K, Cashmore, W M, Tustin, D S and Marsh, K B

The role of soil and plant testing in fertiliser models for agriculture and horticulture
Cornforth, I S

Temporal variability in soil test values
Wheeler, D M and Edmeades, D C

Effect of grazing animals on the nutrient status of pasture soils
Haynes, R J and Williams, P H

Sampling techniques in hill country: Implications for fertiliser recommendations
Rowarth, J S, Tillman, R W, Gillingham, A G and Gregg, P E H

Crop composition growth rate and user-friendly models for N advice
Greenwood, D J and Draycott, A

The use of petiole sap nitrate in modelling the nitrogen fertilizer requirements of winter cabbage
Bonoan, R, Hedley, M J and Gregg, P E H

Applicability of the MAF soil sulphate quick test and the MAF sulphur model in predicting short-term sulphur requirements of grazed pastures in Canterbury
Nguyen, M L and Goh, K M

From nutrient requirements to fertiliser recommendations - A commercial viewpoint
Quin, B F

Use of the Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS) on New Zealand clover-based pastures
Sinclair, A G and Jones M B

The MAF Optigrow programme - An introduction
Gill, J

The establishment of pasture and crop data bases for Southland based on a 5 year monitoring programme
Winter, D S

Influence of soil and plant nutrition and fertilizing practices on kiwifruit quality and yields
Perham, J C

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