4th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1990

Issues in the Restoration of Disturbed Land


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1990. [Title of paper]. In: Issues in the restoration of disturbed land.
(Eds P E H Gregg, R B Stewart and L D Currie). Occasional report No. 4. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Assisting the return of the living environment after mining - An Australian perspective
Bell, L C

Social cost and social responsibility - A major issue in the restoration of disturbed land
Hughes, H R

Information and natural resource management - The role of DSIR's environmental coordinator
Parrish, M J and Forde, B J

Trends in land rehabilitation practices 1976-1990
Keating, R D

Land restoration after mining on the West Coast, South Island
Ross, C and Mew, G

Restoration of alluvial soils for pasture production on the West Coast, South Island
Morton, J D and Harrison, R W

Legume growth on mine tailings in the Naseby Forest
Fraser, W J and Keoghan, J M

Lands disturbed by alluvial mining in Westland
Metcalfe, L and Godfrey, W

Rehabilitation of aggregate mines
Simcock, R C, Stewart, R B and Palmer, A S

Determination of a suitable plant growth medium on gold and silver mining waste, Martha Hill, Coromandel Peninsula - I. Agronomic and soil chemical aspects
Gregg, P E H, Stewart, R B and Stewart, G

Determination of a suitable plant growth medium on gold and silver mining waste, Martha Hill, Coromandel Peninsula - II. Physical properties
Horne, D J, Stewart, R B and Gregg, P E H

Preliminary assessment of tailings as a horticultural plant growth medium
Mason, K A, Gregg, P E H and Stewart, R B

Mine waste reclamation studies at Macraes Flat, Otago
Cossens, G C and Keating, R D

Rehabilitation after opencast mining in Southland
Widdowson, J P and McQueen, D

Landscape rehabilitation of disturbed land with protected natural areas - A case study of the Ohakune-Horopito rail deviation
Scheltus, H

Pasture establishment to rehabilitate land after open-cast mining at Rotowaro
Longhurst, R D and O'Connor, M B

Revegetation test plots on industrial lime flats at Shawinigan, Quebec
Boivin, D J

Revegetation and plant selection - Technology transfer from soil conservation
Bulloch, B T, Gilchrist, A N, Wilkinson, A G, Lambrechtsen, N C and Douglas, G B

Creating new landscapes from disturbed land
Boffa, F

The restoration of disturbed lands - A Regional Council perspective
Currie, K J, Monaghan, B R and Richards, G J

Revegetation of river silt deposits
Gray, M and Korte, C J

Species choice and timing of planting for revegetation of subsoil exposed by slip erosion
Quilter, S J and Korte, C J

An ecological framework for landscape rehabilitation
Rackham, A and Evans, B

Silt control, green engineering and stormwater quality management in an urban environment
Whiley, L E

Competition from herbaceous vegetation in the restoration of native woody plants
Clemens, J

From landfill site to sportsfield
Howard, D R and McAuliffe, K W

The importance of organic matter for restoration of soil fertility in drastically disturbed New Zealand landscapes
Hart, P B S, West, A W, Ross, D J, Sparling, G P and Speir, T W

Monitoring gold mine restoration practices using remote sensing
Brown, L J, Stephens, P R and Tuohy, M P

Compaction testing of materials for land restoration
McQueen, D

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