Intermediate Freshwater Farm Planning

Developed with the support of the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand (FANZ), this course is designed for industry professionals interested in upskilling in the concepts and components important for the development of freshwater Farm Environment Plans. Students will examine the purpose of a freshwater Farm Environment Plan with respect to government policies and acquaint themselves with systems used to classify landscape units, different types of soil erosion, sources of sediment, nutrient and pathogen loss, and options available to mitigate these losses. Students will be introduced to spatial mapping of the relevant physical features and observed soil erosion, sediment, nutrient and pathogen loss issues through virtual field trips which will be integrated throughout the course. Students will demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills in the form of a desktop Farm Environment Plan report. Demonstration includes providing:

Course Outline

  • Mode of Delivery - 10 Weeks Online
  • Massey Credits - 10
  • Cost - $2,250.00 + GST

Participants must have completed Intermediate Sustainable Nutrient Management in New Zealand Agriculture

Have in the previous 3 years passed the Massey University Paper 189.362 ‘Soil Fertility and Environment’ or the Lincoln University Paper ‘Advanced Soil Management’ Code: SOSC340, with a B grade or higher.

be able to demonstrate skills and experience in nutrient management and the use of OverseerFM.
Demonstration includes providing:

  • An Academic transcript stating your undergraduate and postgraduate courses studied, so that Massey can verify your soil science background.
  • A detailed description of your skills and experience in nutrient management and the use of OverseerFM nutrient budgets, with reference to previous work experience and name of companies/employers who can verify this experience

Course dates - 2023.
Semester 1 - 27 February 2023 - Enrolments now closed.
Semester 2 - 17 July 2023 - Enrolments are not yet open.

For all course enquiries and to register an expression of interest, please email Fiona Bardell

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