FLRC works closely with industry, government bodies and individuals and is able to conduct novel research, undertake product evaluations, analyse soil, plant and water samples and investigate specific issues identified in the primary production sectors.

Gaining a greater understanding of nutrient cycling in the soil-plant-animal system enables the Centre to recommend strategies that reduce the loss of nutrients to the environment and improve the efficiency of fertiliser and lime use.

FLRC actively promotes research in the following areas:

  • Improved understanding of soil-plant-animal interactions
  • Sustainable nutrient management in production systems
  • Development and evaluation of fertiliser materials and additives
  • Remediation of disturbed or contaminated sites
  • The use of agricultural and industrial wastes as fertilisers and soil amendments
  • Smart farming - using precision tools and technologies
  • Mitigation strategies for global climate change

Gain an understanding of our analytical and research capabilities and view information on our facilities. Anyone who wants to discuss research opportunities should contact: Chris Anderson.


A free-stall barn on the No. 4 Dairy Unit - a facility built for the 'Manawatu Regional Farm' project funded under the Pastoral 21 Programme


One of several pits for the collection of drainage water from a paddock, which allows monitoring of the nutrients lost to water from paddocks under differing grazing regimes.

A Denitrification Bioreactor - a system to reduce nutrient loadings in agricultural drainage.

Field experimentation to determine nutrient requirements of pastures and crops.