An introduction to FLRC

Farmed Landscapes Research Centre (FLRC)

Teaching and research on nutrient and environmental management for agriculture, horticulture and forestry
FLRC began life as the Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre in 1983 and was renamed Farmed Landscapes Research Centre in 2019 reflecting that the emphasis of research and extension activities are now primarily focussed on environmental matters in agricultural systems.

FLRC is part of the School of Agriculture and Environment within the College of Sciences at Massey University and is closely associated with the Environmental Sciences Group and the initiatives of Massey Agriculture, the NZ Centre for Precision Agriculture and the NZ Biochar Research Centre.

The objectives of FLRC remain the same.


The objectives of FLRC are:

  • To provide practical solutions to problems and issues in the primary production sectors of New Zealand.
  • To provide mechanisms for information transfer between science, industry, policy and regulatory bodies concerned with primary production.

FLRC actively promotes research on production and environmental issues associated with primary production systems and has strong links with industry and other science providers through research contracts and collaborative projects. Many projects include students who are studying toward postgraduate degrees.

FLRC offers professional development courses tailored to the needs of science, industry, policy and regulatory bodies concerned with primary production and is available to consult on a wide range of issues.

FLRC hosts an annual workshop which is conducted on a topic of importance to the New Zealand land-based industries. Proceedings are published and comprise an extensive collection of research papers since 1987.

FLRC offers a comprehensive analytical service for soil, plant, water (including effluent) and fertiliser materials.

James Hanly (FLRC Senior Research Officer)
discussing a nutrient budget with a Farm Manager


Essential nutrients require
informed management

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